Pinterest!  Do you know about Pinterest?  Some people say I am addicted to Pinterest now, but the truth is that I am dedicated to using to find new ideas for YOU! 

As your Christmas Coach, one of my roles is to find new information and ideas for you as you plan for a more organized Christmas season and Pinterest is a new tool I have found.  I hope you will find some great ideas to add to you Christmas Organizing Notebook.

Pinterest is a website that allows you to create bulletin boards where you can "pin" ideas that you find on the internet and share with others.  I am creating boards for craft ideas, Christmas party ideas, recipes, decorating ideas, gift giving ideas and lots more!  I invite you to visit my boards and if you are already a Pinterest member - please follow my boards.

Pinterest at this time is an invitation only website and while you can request an invitation directly from the website BUT it can take more than a week to be sent an invitation - this is how I got my invitation so it is true!  The fastest way to get started on Pinterest is to be invited by an existing member.  Hmmm - do you know someone??  LOL - YES!  Your Christmas Coach is here to help!  If you would like for me to send you an invitation, please use the contact form (link at the bottom of the website) and put in the subject:  PINTEREST INVITATION. 

One note, at this time (March 2012) you must have a Facebook or Twitter account to create an account on  While you do not have to have either one of these to view boards, you do to create your own boards.  I know some people do not have or want Facebook/Twitter accounts and if this ever changes I will let everyone know. 

There is some discussion that Pinterest is violating copyrights by the way they operate but I am working on verifying all my "pins" to see that the idea either has a "pin it" button on their website (encouraging you to pin it) or if the contributor is on Pinterest, I will repin from their personal boards.  If neither of these exist, I am writing and asking permission to pin the idea to my boards.  Because I already have 40 boards set up with over 300 pins (or ideas) this process of verifying will take a little time so it may be another month before the process is complete.  After that time, you can repin any pins on my boards knowing that the person who posted the idea on the internet has given their permission to be "pinned" on Pinterest and you are not violating anyone's (to our knowledge) copyright.

Please take a look at my boards on Pinterest

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