December Dinners

December Dinners

December is a time filled with many activities.  Our time runs short when it comes to cooking dinner every day.  If you want to save money during December, plan your December dinners and don’t get caught up in the “let’s just eat out, I’m too tired” trap.

Do you make meals or eat out more during December?  Why?  Would you prefer to eat in more and save the money and hassle of eating out?

What meals do you make throughout the year that are quick and easy to make? List them and add to the list throughout the year. 

If you eat out, make a list of restaurants where your family likes to eat.  Write beside each restaurant the approximate cost of eating there. 

Do you own a slow cooker or instapot (if not, consider buying one)?   Make a list of 5 meals that you can make in the slow cooker or instapot.