Family Crafting

When you have a project that is ready to be started, consider involving your children or grandchildren in the process. Depending on the ages of your helpers, their involvement can be something as simple as helping gather the supplies, counting out pieces into baggies, helping to create a “kit” for each craft or helping in the assembly and crafting of the projects. Be creative and let the children feel like they are a big part of the process, creating memories for years to come.

With older children, or even adult children, why not turn to craft gifts into a family project.  Consider working on some more involved gifts, even ones that have multiple parts, and assigning each person parts to work on individually. Then, closer to Christmas, have a day where everyone gets together to assemble the project. Ideas for this could be something as complex as a quilt or as simple as making cookie mixes in a jar (where each person brings one of the ingredients).

A great resource is the website were others “pin” great ideas of all kinds from everywhere on the internet. Think about, and ask others in your family, what craft ideas they have that everyone can do together. Not only will you have help making gifts, but you will also create some great memories!