Do You Know the Christmas Secret?

Merry Christmas!  My name is Krisann Blair, founder of, here to be your Christmas Coach and help you prepare for the 2013 Christmas holiday season.


Everyone celebrates Christmas differently and Christmas Organizing is here to help you develop a personal plan to create a more organized Christmas celebration.


Since December 1998, Christmas Organizing has been a resource for thousands of people just like you by helping coach them on ways to have a more organized Christmas season. 


So what is the Christmas secret I am talking about?  The secret is . . .


Santa Boot Camp


New for Christmas 2013! will be hosting a Santa Boot Camp to help those that put off getting organized for the upcoming Christmas season.  Join Krisann Blair as she conducts classes and chats in this unique interactive organizing for the holidays program.  Santa Boot Camp lasts 25 weeks and will have new sessions starting each week.


Next Class Begins on October 1, 2013


There are TWO opportunities to be part of the Santa Boot Camp:


1.  Become a member of the Candy Cane Club for $25 for the 2013 year

Go From Stressed to Blessed this Christmas!


Creating a Christmas Calendar

Even though Christmas is still months away you need to start thinking about your holiday calendar now because it is an important way of reducing holiday stress.  Your calendar will serve as your road map for the upcoming season and contains five steps to help you prepare for your journey into the holiday season. 


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