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"Just having the notebook and getting it out helps. I am a perfectionist and it drove me crazy until I got organized and chose only a few things to focus on.”

Jon A.

"I went from hating Christmas, back to loving the whole Christmas season, thanks to you! Before, I was a last minute, wait until Christmas week to shop, decorate, and bake! And was stressed to the max! Making Christmas miserable, not just for me, but the whole family! Then I found you! With your ideas and help, Christmas season is fun, relaxed, and actually enjoyable! I shop all year, bake in the summer, and decorate without feeling exhausted, thanks to you and your organizing skills! Thank you very, very much for all your wonderful ideas, suggestions, work sheets, and organization skills! Thank you for returning the Christmas Spirit to our family!!!”

Jackie B.

Everyone deserves to enjoy Christmas

Christmas chaos leads to Christmas stress. You deserve to enjoy the Christmas season. In 1998 my Christmas was so chaotic and not enjoyable because I failed to follow simple planning strategies. Calming Christmas Chaos was not only my personal goal, but I also wanted to help others who were struggling. On December 30, 1998, Christmas Organizing began helping families with Christmas planning tips and ideas. Today we continue to help thousands of families each year to have a less stressful Christmas season. offers planning resources

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Don’t get overwhelmed at Christmas

Without a plan at Christmas, you can easily get overwhelmed, overspend, over commit, leave Christ out of Christmas and more! Don’t let the chaos of Christmas steal your joy – join the Christmas Organizing community.

Create a personalized Christmas notebook

Creating a personalized Christmas notebook is the foundation to planning an organized Christmas season. Using your notebook to make lists, keep a calendar, plan events, organize ideas, and more will help reduce Christmas stress. This will then help you to calm the Christmas chaos. When you have completed your plan, you will have a personal guide to follow, helping you enjoy the Christmas season.

Join the Christmas Organizing community and learn to Calm the Christmas Chaos and take your Christmas from Stressed to Blessed.