Ten Christmas Gifts That Are Priceless

Christmas Gifts

1.       Christmas baking with your children – no matter how old they are.  Spending time with your children (or parents) is priceless because it is a way to bond and share family traditions from the kitchen.  Be sure to capture a few (but not too many) memories on camera to remember the time together. Please don’t pay attention to the flour in your hair or on your apron; they are signs of the fun time had by all!

2.       Writing a letter of appreciation to family and friends.  Take time to sit down and write a letter of love and gratitude to family and friends, telling them how much they mean to you.  Share memories with them and the ways they have touched your life.  They possibly did not realize those little moments that they long ago forgot had a lasting impact on you. 

3.       Sharing your secret recipe.  Many people have that one special recipe handed down and are so special to you and your family.  Share it with someone who will carry on the tradition.  It will create a special bond for years to come.

4.       Invite others to join you for dinner if they are alone for the holidays.  The holidays can be challenging for those who live alone, far from family.  It may be the college student studying for exams, the new widow down the street, or maybe the wife of someone who works far away – no matter the reason, extend an invitation during the holiday season to join you and your family.  It doesn’t have to be “on the holiday.” It can be any time during the season.

5.       Give someone the gift of your time to help them with a project.  Offer to come and help prepare a meal, decorate for Christmas, wrap gifts, organize, or even clean at their house.  It doesn’t have to be during the Christmas season. You can extend the offer to be redeemed anytime.

6.       Drive around to view Christmas lights with a picnic dinner.  Pack the family up in the car, complete with a picnic basket dinner from home or hot chocolate in a thermos and dessert, and ride around to view the Christmas lights all around your town.  Sing Christmas songs, play Christmas BINGO, and other Christmas car games during the outing.

7.       Offer to run errands/pick-up groceries while you are out for others.  Everyone is busy during the holiday season and could benefit from your offer.  It doesn’t have to be the elderly neighbor; it can be the working mother or just a friend.  If you are going to the store, call and ask if they need anything, and you can drop it off on your way home.  Precious minutes these days are priceless, and you running an errand give back a few minutes to someone.

8.       Saying “I Love You.”  You may think people know you love them, but hearing the words (or writing it down) is priceless and something to cherish.  I would rather say, “I love you,” too many times than not at all and leave a doubt.

9.       Going to Christmas Eve service.  This is a gift you can give to yourself or others.  Invite someone to go with you to this special service.  Attend the service as a family; it may mean more than you know to your family.

The Christmas Eve candlelight service at church has always been such a special time of the season for me.  It helps to reflect on the real reason for the Christmas season, and when my family is with me, it is even more special.  This year services may be online, but I plan to attend via the internet and create the candlelight service feeling at my house.

10.   Praying for someone.  This is a gift that you may or may not acknowledge to the person receiving.  Use your Christmas card list or the cards you have received or create a prayer list of your own and pray for those on the list for the upcoming year.  After you pray for them, send them a text or call them to let them know you prayed for them and they were on your mind.  You never know when that small act will make a difference in someone’s life.