Everyone deserves to enjoy Christmas

Christmas Joy Podcast

Christmas chaos leads to Christmas stress. You deserve to enjoy the Christmas season. In 1998 my Christmas was so chaotic and not enjoyable because I failed to follow simple planning strategies. Calming Christmas Chaos was not only my personal goal, but I also wanted to help others who were struggling. On December 30, 1998, Christmas Organizing began helping families with Christmas planning tips and ideas. Today we continue to help thousands of families each year to have a less stressful Christmas season.

Hi! My name is Krisann Blair, Christmas Coach and founder of ChristmasOrganizing.com and I am inviting you to join me on my podcast, Christmas JOY to help take your Christmas from stressed to blessed. I will be sharing ideas and tips with you all year long, not just right before Christmas, to help you create a Christmas planning notebook and stay on track for the upcoming Christmas season. During the month of December, I will be sharing last-minute tips and ideas to help you calm the Christmas chaos.

Starting Our Journey
Gift Giving
Your Decorating Style
Traveling During The Christmas Season
Gifts From The Kitchen
Entertaining Tips
Remembering And Going Forward
Christmas Grocery Shopping
Christmas Cleaning Tips
Christmas Gift Shopping Tips
Christmas Gift Wrapping
Christ-Centered Christmas
Christmas Gift Giving – Checking Your List
Last Minute Gift Ideas
Last Minute Exchanges
Giving Back
Last Minute Travel Reminders
Last Minute Tips
Last Minute Cleaning Tips
Last Minute Christmas Foods
Christmas Reflections And Journaling
Setting Up Your Christmas Notebook
Creating A Christmas Calendar
Creating A Christmas Saving And Spending Plan
Christmas Gift Lists
Christmas Gift Shopping
Christmas Gift Storage
Gift Wrapping and Mailing
Christmas Cards