Journaling About Christmas

Christmas Journaling

Journaling is defined as “a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections regularly kept for private use” (Merriam-Webster dictionary).  With this definition in mind, the challenges in this section will help you create your personal Christmas plan.

Why do you need to journal about Christmas? Simply, when things are written down, it helps to put them in focus – the good and the bad. Christmas is a joyous season and should not be dreaded but CELEBRATED. Each family has their ways of celebrating Christmas. Symbols, activities, and traditions mean different things to different people during the season. Christmas is not about doing what the “world” tells us to do. It is about celebrating Christ’s birth in a way your family grasps the meaning the most.

As we begin our journey to a more organized Christmas, let’s first do some generic journaling.  Remember to answer the questions truthfully. There is no right or wrong answer. You will be referring back to these questions in different challenges as you cover the different topics. In later challenges on each topic you will have additional journaling prompts to explore the topic further.

In one Christmas, things will not magically improve in every aspect, but if you take baby steps each Christmas, you will find you have less stress and more joy.

Journaling About Christmas

Journaling About Christmas Questions

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