Activities at Christmas

Activities At Christmas

Activities play an important role in celebrating the Christmas season because they allow us to actively participate in functions that bring out the true meaning of Christmas for us. 

What activities are a must do each Christmas for you and your family?

As you journal, keep in mind activities such as plays, concerts, church services, cookie baking sessions, gift wrapping as a family, decorating, etc.  Remember, this plan is about YOU, and your family, so decide what is, or is not, an activity for the family.

Write about the activities you enjoyed as a child at Christmas time.  Do you still do any of these activities?   If no, write down ones you would like to incorporate into the upcoming Christmas season.

Make a wish list of the activities you want to do this Christmas season.  Remember, you will not be able to do everything, but this at least gives you some ideas when you work in the activities section.