Candy Cane Club

Candy Cane Club

Christmas Organizing wants our website visitors to be able to easily find information on Christmas planning without being sent into advertising overload. 

Other websites on the internet today can be frustrating because they focus on advertising as a main revenue stream, which puts you, the visitor, last.  This leaves you having to hunt to find the information you are seeking.

You deserve to be able to visit a website that allows you to find information easily without having to search through ads.

One of my biggest frustrations when seeking information on the internet today is to go to a website that I cannot seem to find the actual information because of so much advertising on the page. Many times there are just a few sentences of information surrounded by numerous ads on a site, and I refuse to let Christmas Organizing’s website frustrate others due to advertising!

Christmas Organizing’s website will be free of external banner ads and pop-up advertising. We will have links to our products and links at the end of articles for products and/or websites mentioned in the post so you can easily find the items mentioned in the article.

Christmas Organizing will be your source for Christmas planning without bombarding you with ads from external sites, and you will not have to sift through ads to find the information you are seeking.

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By becoming a Christmas Organizing Insider for only $1, you will not have to be frustrated finding Christmas planning information. Also, you will be supporting a small business who is willing to side-step external advertising as an income source for the benefit of our website visitors.

As a Christmas Organizing Insider, you will be not only able to find information easily for your Christmas planning but also be able to learn directly from Krisann Blair, Christmas Coach on her podcasts, some of which are for CO Insider members only!

We utilize Patreon for our Christmas Organizing Insider platform.   You may be asking what Patreon is?

Patron is a way to join Krisann and Christmas Organizing community and support us for making the stuff you love. Instead of throwing money at your screen (trust us, that doesn’t work), you can now pay a small fee each month and get exclusive content, early access to content and much more. You are supporting us each month for as little as $1, and you become a bona fide, real-life patron of the arts.  And imagine your favorite creators (like Christmas Organizing) making a living doing what they do best…because of you.

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