Dirty Santa Game

Dirty Santa Game

At Christmas parties across town, people exchange gifts. One fun way to turn the gift exchange into an activity is to play the “Dirty Santa” gift exchange game.

What exactly is the Dirty Santa game? While there are many different versions, every game needs numbers to draw to see the order people will get to select a gift.

When I needed the numbers this year, I looked all over the internet for a free downloadable sheet with the numbers already typed in, and I just needed to cut them out. I hit a dead end all the way around. I only found ones that charged, so I decided to create my own and offer the sheet of numbers as a gift to everyone who plays the game! All you have to do is print the pdf out and then cut out your numbers!

While the download is free, if you find it helpful and wish to donate $1 or more to help support the ChristmasOrganizing.com website, NOT to have to bring in outside advertising and for the development of more free printables, click below.


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