Setting Up Your Christmas Notebook

Setting Up Your Christmas Notebook

Your Christmas Organizing Notebook is the foundation of your organization plan for the holiday season. Writing lists and ideas down in a notebook may seem like a large task, but it can easily be overcome by breaking the steps down! Come, join with me, and be on your way to a more organized Christmas, one small step at a time. By creating a notebook, you will have everything at your fingertips, and you can continuously reference it for reminders and directions concerning your holiday plans.

Christmas Organizing System

The Christmas Organizing Planning System

Twenty plus years ago, Christmas Organizing started with the focus of creating a Christmas notebook to create a central location ...
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The Basics Of Creating A Christmas Notebook

The Basics Of Creating A Christmas Notebook

Are your holiday planning ideas scattered everywhere? Creating a Christmas Notebook will help you gather all your Christmas plans in ...
Christmas Organizing Center

Notebook Challenge: Creating a Christmas Organizing Center

Do you often find that when you want to work on your Christmas Organizing planning, your time is taken up ...
Reduce Extra Items In Your Notebook

Notebook Challenge: Reducing Extra Items in Your Notebook

To make your pencil pouch not so crowded, consider using pens with multiple colors, two ended color pencils and multi-colored ...
Tame Your Ideas

Notebook Challenge: Tame Your Ideas

Do you have magazines and print outs of ideas for Christmas lying around loose? Ideas for Christmas are all around ...
Assemble Your Notebook

Notebook Challenge: Assemble Your Notebook

Now that you have gathered and purchased your supplies, it is time to start putting your notebook together. The first ...
Creating Your Notebook Tabs

Notebook Challenge: Creating Your Notebook Tabs

When purchasing tab dividers for your notebook, consider ones that are easy to change as you progress with your notebook ...
Gather Items

Notebook Challenge: Gather Items and Create a Shopping List

Now that we have a list of what you need, it is time to go on a treasure hunt. Walk ...
Make a list of needed materials

Notebook Challenge: Making a List of Needed Materials

Your notebook is the most important item for your Christmas planning. Below is a list of other items that will ...
Foundations 1 of 3

Foundations of Christmas Organizing – Part 1 of 3 – Your Christmas Notebook

Does Christmas stress you out? Do you wish you could enjoy the season instead of just surviving? Christmas Organizing will ...