Notebook Challenge: Making a List of Needed Materials

Make a list of needed materials

Your notebook is the most important item for your Christmas planning. Below is a list of other items that will be referred to when we discuss assembling your notebook. Highlight the items you need to purchase and put a check on the ones you already have. You may want to add other items to the list, as you need them.

  • Three-hole punch – to add items to your notebook easily.
  • Dividers for a three-ring binder. I recommend that you purchase the ones that state they are extra wide so they will stick out past your page protectors.
  • Slash pocket folders
  • Page protectors for keeping loose items (example: recipe or craft ideas from magazines, receipts from gifts you purchase, etc.) 
  • Notebook paper 
  • Zippered pouch to hold pens, pencils and other loose items 
  • Calendar for the whole year (can be a store bought one, or printed from a computer program)
  • Pages designed with photo pockets on them (usually 4 to a page) where you can put recipe cards and address cards 
  • Colored Pencils or multi-colored pen (for marking on your calendar)
  • Business size envelopes (#10), red or green or with a Christmas theme