Notebook Challenge: Creating Your Notebook Tabs

Creating Your Notebook Tabs

When purchasing tab dividers for your notebook, consider ones that are easy to change as you progress with your notebook.  The reason for this is that you may change your mind about a particular tabbed section one year. The decision is up to you for what tabs you use based on what areas are the most important to you. It would be unfair of me to decide what your tabs are for you without your input. Everyone’s notebook will be different because everyone has their special traditions and celebrations during the holiday season.

Set up your tabs, based on the topics you have more involvement in and combining several topics if you have limited involvement.

Think of all the things you do at Christmas and make a tab for each of them. I have found that the more divisions I have, even within the category itself, the better I work because it is a smaller goal, making it easier to tackle and not this “big project” that can be discouraging. Here is an example from my notebook I have the following tabs:


Savings & Spending Plan

Gift Lists

Shopping & Storage

Christmas Cards








Christ-Centered Christmas