The Christmas Organizing Planning System

Christmas Organizing System

Twenty plus years ago, Christmas Organizing started with the focus of creating a Christmas notebook to create a central location as a landing spot for Christmas planning and ideas. One important aspect of Christmas planning is creating lists and planning pages to organize all the different parts of Christmas. Over the years, I have developed over 100+ Christmas planning pages available to download and print to form the basis of the Christmas Organizing Notebook.

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Recently, one of my dearest friends, Darla, asked me to create a dated, printed-bound planner.  I loved the idea, especially since I encourage everyone to remove specific pages from their notebook each year after Christmas and put them in an envelope with the year for later reference.

This request put me on a journey to create the Christmas Organizing Planner (available on – see link at the bottom of this page). 

Due to a large number of planning pages and the need for multiple copies of some pages, the original idea turned into almost 300 pages – way too large for this project.  

As I pondered how to prioritize the number of planning pages to a manageable size to be bound, I realized that there were two categories of planning pages. One category is the pages we fill out every year, and the other is the planning pages that rarely change. 

Two worlds become one! With a clear direction, I began creating the Christmas Organizing Planner, and now we have multiple sections of Christmas Organizing. 

The planner is dated and filled with the planning pages that you typically change each year. The Christmas Organizing Planner can slide into your 3-ring Christmas binder and can easily be removed and carried with you in a purse or tote bag while on-the-go. Then, at the end of the Christmas season, you can tuck this planner away easily for future reference.

Now the question is, “what will be in the 3-ring binder”? The binder is not gone! It will play a slightly different role. 

With the introduction of the Christmas Organizing Planner in a printed-bound format, we have the opportunity to rework the Christmas Organizing system and blend the two aspects to help with Christmas planning even more!  The printed-bound planner has the primary Christmas planning pages you will fill out for the current Christmas season.  The forms included in the planner typically do not change from year to year in most cases.

The planning pages that do not typically change from year to year are what we are now calling the “Companion Planning Pages” and go hand-in-hand with the Christmas Organizing Planner.  You do not have to have purchased the planner to download the free companion pages.

We are making these available for free to print out on your printer and put in your 3-ring binder. The planning pages included here are undated and have the section dividers that you can use in your notebook. 

The planning pages that are in the Christmas Organizing Planner are also available for sale as a PDF if you wish to download and print your copies and utilize your 3-ring binder for all the planning forms.

Download the Christmas Organizing Planning Companion Pages for free.

You can purchase the 2020 Christmas Organizing Planner in a printed format from Amazon:  2020 Christmas Organizing Planner

The Christmas Organizing Companion Planner Pages include the following:

Companion List Planning Pages

  • Reflections & Journaling
    • Reflecting on Christmas Past
    • Last Christmas:  What Went Wrong?
    • Last Christmas:  What Worked?
    • Christmas Notebook Supply List
  • Christmas Calendar
    • Blank Monthly Christmas Planning Calendar
  • Savings & Spending @ Christmas
    • Christmas Money Savers List
    • Ways to Save Money at Christmas List
  • Christ-Centered Christmas
    • Christ-Centered Gift Giving
    • Christ-Centered Decorating
    • Christ-Centered Activities & Events
    • Christ-Centered Entertaining
    • Charity Ideas
    • Charity Information Sheet
  • Gifts at Christmas
    • Most Remembered Gifts
    • Gifting Theme Ideas
    • Gift Ideas:  What do they like?
    • Light Weight Gift Ideas
    • Crafting Ideas
  • Christmas Kitchen
    • Foods from Christmas Past
    • Must-Have Christmas Foods
    • Favorite Foods Interview Sheet
    • Favorite Restaurants
    • Make-Ahead Christmas Foods
    • Most Remembered Food Gifts
    • Christmas Food Gifts Ideas
    • Make-Ahead Christmas Food Gifts
  • Home & Away @ Christmas
    • Christmas Activity Wish List
    • Christmas Event Wish List
    • Activity Interview Sheet
    • Event Interview Sheet
    • Christmas Exchange Ideas
  • Reminders for Next Christmas

Download the Christmas Organizing Planning Companion Pages for free.
You can purchase the 2020 Christmas Organizing Planner in a printed format from Amazon:  2020 Christmas Organizing Planner