Gift Giving

Gift Giving

Gifts play an important part in Christmas for many people.  Now is the time to reflect on why you give gifts, if the items you give are actually meaningful gifts to the recipient, or are you just buying something. You should not feel resentful about giving a person a gift but joyful.  Gifts should be given in a spirit that will bring joy. 

Make a list of the gifts that you remember most throughout the years.  Include childhood gifts, as well as gifts you have received as an adult, and who gave them to you.

Why do you give gifts at Christmas?  Do you just buy to give something, create a memory, fill a need, obligation, etc.? 

Themes are a great way to organize gift buying for the Christmas season.  Write down 3 or 4 broad themes that might be useful for gift giving (i.e., warmth – could be anything from hot chocolate, mittens, blankets, scarves, etc.)

Do you buy gifts throughout the year, only to lose them when it comes time to wrap the gifts?  Write down one place you might be able to use to store gifts throughout the year.