Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are like little gifts you send through the mail.  Many of us use them to say hello, let others know we are thinking of them, send pictures of our families, or even to include a small gift.  No matter whether you send 10 cards or 200, each card is special to the person who receives it.  For me, even as an adult, I still love to get cards at Christmas.  It is one of my favorite things about Christmas.

Do you send Christmas cards?  Write down why or why not.

 If you do not send cards, do you want to?

What type of cards that you receive do you consider to be “special” and worth keeping?  Do you want this kind of effect on people, or do you just want them to know you are thinking of them? 

Do you want to have everyone in your household sign your cards?  Do you want to include a Christmas letter? 

Do you want to include a small gift in your cards?  Write down ideas such as Christmas picture, small flat ornament, recipe, etc.