Christmas Crafting


Crafts are not only a wonderful way to give people a part of you at Christmas, but also a way to help save money.  As you complete this journaling challenge, remember that “crafts” can mean different things to different people.  For some, crafts are hand-made quilts, but a craft can just as easily be the “Cookie in a Jar” mix or a Family Birthday Calendar you “crafted” on the computer.  Think outside of the box when journaling about crafts.

What crafts do you want to make this Christmas? 

Who do you plan on giving these crafts to as gifts?

 Do you consider food gifts to be a craft, baking, or both? 

What crafts do you want to create that can also be activities for Christmas?  One example would be to have a Cookie Mix in a Jar get-together with friends and create an assembly line to make a bunch of one kind of gift!