Budgeting for Christmas?


Budgeting is defined as “a plan for the coordination of resources and expenditures” (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

Budgeting, for many of us, is a dirty word – but it does not have to be.  By simply making a written plan and deciding ahead of time how much you can realistically spend, you can still have a wonderful Christmas regardless of your budget’s size.  Having gone through Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” program, I will include some ideas I have learned and implemented into my own life but in the context of a “Christmas Spending Plan.”

Creating a Christmas Savings and Spending plan will help you to plan out your spending for Christmas, allowing you to manage better the money you spend on the holiday.  Write down the three biggest money issues you have at Christmas.

What total amount do you feel you can comfortably spend for the Christmas season?

Make a list of three ways to make/save money throughout the year to put towards your Christmas expenses.