Christmas 2020 Reflections

Christmas Reflections 2020

Christmas Day 2019 was just a few days ago, and now it is time to start thinking about Christmas 2020!  Some of you are thinking it is not time to start planning for Christmas 2020 yet, but in reality, it is a perfect time.  One aspect of Christmas Organizing is yearly planning, and that starts with reflecting and journaling.  While Christmas 2019 is still fresh in your mind, it is the perfect time to reflect on things you want to do (and not do) for Christmas 2020.

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Below are prompts to help guide you in making planning lists in the topics of gift-giving, Christmas foods, and Christmas events and activities.  Either fill out the corresponding Christmas Organizing form or make a list on a sheet of paper and add it to your Christmas notebook for reference as you create your Christmas planner throughout the year. 

Gift Giving

The first lists to create are related to gift-giving.  Gifts can be fun to purchase if we plan and make idea lists to refer back to when we are working on our gift lists. 

Make a list of gifts you have received that you remember most.  This can help you when deciding on gifts to give others because if it touched your heart, it probably would mean as much to someone else.

Having a plan when you shop for gifts each year can help reduce gift buying stress.  Having a theme for everyone or different groups of people can help you focus on the gifts.  An example that I love to use is “Gifts of Warmth,” where I buy a certain group of people things that create warmth.  My list includes hot chocolate, gloves, blankets, socks, spice tea, etc. and can be adjusted to many different price points.  Make a list of possible theme ideas you could use for Christmas.

Light-weight and/or small gifts can be a money saver at Christmas when it comes to mailing packages.  Decide on the size box you want to use and make a list of gifts that will fit in the box you plan to use.  I pick up free priority mail boxes based on the price that I want to use for different packages I need to mail and make sure gifts fit into the box to keep control of shipping prices.  Keep your list in your Christmas notebook.

Everyone remembers when they get a gift they love.  Create a list for each person you give gifts to with some basic information about them and their likes.  Include favorite foods, candy, restaurants, hobbies, sports teams, characters, etc., anything that will help you pick out some special customized gifts. 

Christmas Foods

Next, let’s make lists related to Christmas foods that you can reference throughout the year as you plan out menus for Christmas.  Food plays an important role in many Christmas celebrations so it is important to have lists of family favorites so you don’t miss out on anything.

Favorite Christmas foods from the past – make a list of foods you have enjoyed in the past during the Christmas season.

Must have Christmas foods – make a list of foods that you have every Christmas.

Most remembered Christmas food gifts – make a list of Christmas food gifts you have received in the past as possible food gift ideas you can give at Christmas.

Ask everyone in the family what their top 3 favorite foods to have at Christmas are and place the list in your notebook.  Try to incorporate at least one favorite holiday food of each person into your celebrations when making out your food list closer to Christmas. 

Christmas Activities and Events

The last set of lists to create for reflecting and journaling deals with Christmas activities and events.  Activities and events during the Christmas season can be so much fun and enjoyable, especially when they are things the family enjoys doing.

Make a wish list of activities to do at Christmas this year.  For Christmas Organizing purposes, we define activities as things you do at home during Christmas outside of entertaining.  Activities can include:  Christmas movie night, baking day, decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, Happy Birthday Jesus Party, etc.; anything you do with your family and friends at home.

Events at Christmas can be fun but often require a little bit of planning, so you do not over-schedule yourself.  Make a wish list of events that you and your family would like to participate in during Christmas.  This list is only a wish list that you can choose from when you are planning out your December calendar.  Include things such as Christmas Eve service, driving around to look at the Christmas lights, visiting Santa, seeing the Nutcracker or other holiday production, going to a Christmas party, etc., any activity you do outside your home.

Ask your family to list out their favorite three events and/or activities to do at Christmas.  Keep the list in your Christmas notebook to refer back to when working on your plans for the Christmas season.

No matter when you start planning for the Christmas season, creating lists with ideas and favorites is a great resource to have when you start working on your Christmas plans for the upcoming season.