Christmas Journaling

Christmas Organizing Journaling

Journal is defined as “a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use” (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

With this definition in mind, I want to help you create your personal Christmas Organizing Journal.  Why do you need to journal about Christmas?  Simply, when things are written down it helps to put them in focus – the good and the bad.  Christmas is a joyous season and should not be dreaded but CELEBRATED.

Each family has their own ways of celebrating Christmas.  Symbols, activities, and traditions mean different things to different people during the season.  Christmas is not about doing what the “world” tells us to do, it is about celebrating Christ’s birth in a way your family grasps the meaning the most.

As you explore different topics of Christmas Organizing, you will see journaling prompts challenging you to think about the topic in relation to your Christmas planning and helping you plan the Christmas you desire for you and your family.  Below is some generic journaling on topics for you to get started.   Remember to answer the questions truthfully.  There are no right or wrong answers.

Christmas Journaling – Activities

Activities play an important role in celebrating the Christmas season because they allow us to actively participate in functions that bring out the true meaning of Christmas for us.  As you journal, keep in mind activities such as plays, concerts, church services, cookie baking sessions, gift wrapping as a family, decorating, etc.  Remember, this plan is about YOU, and your family, so decide what is, or is not, an activity for your family.

  1. What activities did you enjoy as a child at Christmas time?  Do you still do any of these activities?   If no, write down ones you would like to incorporate into the upcoming Christmas season.
  2. Ask your family to list their three top Christmas activities.  Remember, it is also their Christmas, so try to incorporate at least the top pick from each person.  Maybe you will get lucky and the lists will overlap!

Christmas Journaling – Decorating

Decorating at Christmas can be simple or elaborate ñ the choice is yours.

  1. Do you like to decorate?  If you answered yes, in one sentence write about your decorating style (hand-made, traditional, natural, etc.).
  2. How many rooms do you want to decorate?

Christmas Journaling – Gifts

Gifts play an important part of many peopleís Christmas.  Now is the time to reflect on why you give gifts.

  1. Make a list of the gifts that you remember most throughout the years.  Include childhood gifts, as well as gifts you have received as an adult, and who gave them to you.
  2. Why do you give gifts at Christmas?  Do you just buy to give something, create a memory, fill a need, obligation, etc?

Christmas Journaling – Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are like little gifts you send through the mail.  Many of us use them to say hello, let others know we are thinking of them, send pictures of our families, or even to include a small gift.  No matter whether you send 10 cards or 200, each card is special to the person who receives it.  For me, even as an adult, I still love to get cards at Christmas.  It is one of my favorite things about Christmas.

  1. Do you like to send cards?  Why or why not?
  2. What type of cards that you receive do you consider to be ìspecialî and worth keeping?  Do you want this kind of effect on people, or do you just want them to know you are thinking of them?

Christmas Journaling – Baking

Baking plays an important part in the Christmas holiday.  It reminds all our senses that this is a special time of year.  Think about how baked items have played a part in past Christmases while you journal about baking for Christmas.

  1. Quickly ask your family about the items they like to have around the house or at get-togethers.  You might be surprised at the items they choose! This will be done formally in the foods section.
  2. Do you plan to bake all in one day, or bake over multiple days around events or gift giving times?

Christmas Journaling – Entertaining

Entertaining during Christmas can take on many forms.  You are invited to parties, you host parties, you have family holiday get-togethers, etc.  We might not consider many things we do entertaining but, for our planning purposes, any event where an invitation is given or received should be considered “entertaining”.

  1. How many and what type of gatherings would you like to host this year?
  2. Make a list of foods you normally serve at parties.

Christmas Journaling – Budgeting

Budgeting, for many of us, is a dirty word – but it does not have to be.  By simply making a written plan and deciding ahead of time how much you can realistically spend, you can still have a wonderful Christmas regardless of your budgetís size.

  1. What total amount do you feel you can comfortably spend for the Christmas season?
  2. Make a list of three ways to make/save money throughout the year to put towards your Christmas expenses.