Budget Stretchers

Budget Stretchers

Take a sheet of paper and on the top write “Budget Stretchers” and on the sheet write down different ideas you come across that can help you stretch your Christmas money.  For example, write decorating and then beside it put “ask friends to collect greenery, pine cones, etc. from their yard.  Write down all the ideas you find online or hear about throughout the year.

Make a list of Christmas decorations you want to purchase while you are decorating and then buy them at the after Christmas sales, year-round Christmas stores, estate sales, thrift stores, or possibly acquiring items from family – the key is to be on the lookout everywhere!

Buy or make gifts with a theme.  This allows you to buy items in larger quantities and helps reduce the overall cost. 

 Look for alternatives to traditional entertaining.  Example:  Have a dessert party and ask everyone to bring their favorite homemade or store-bought dessert to share.  This allows you to still get together without a large meal and limits your expenses. 

 Use plain brown or white paper to wrap gifts and decorate the wrappings with pretty ribbons, stamps or let your children decorate them.  They may not be perfect, but they come from the heart.