Christmas Baking– Make Your List Now!

Make Your Baking List

Krisann Blair, Christmas Coach
Christmas Organizing Founder

Now is the time to start thinking about your Christmas baking!  You need to make a list of things to make, decide on your containers and make a shopping list. 

When deciding on what to bake for the holidays you need to determine how much baking you need to do.  If you know you are going to visit Aunt Vernice and you need to take 3 dozen cookies as well as create cookie boxes for everyone attending this will give you a good idea about the number of cookies to bake.  Do not forget to include those goodie plates you send to school, work, church, etc. because they all add up and you want to make sure you have enough ingredients and time to make everything.   

Next decide about what containers you would like to use.  Many dollar stores have pretty glass plates for $1 or you can make containers using shirt boxes.  Plain bags decorated with Christmas stamps or embellishments make great goodie giving bags and can be personalized with the recipient’s name.  These can be purchased ahead of time and put up till you need them.  

Lastly make your grocery list and begin in August by nonperishable items.  Decide how many times you need to make each recipe you have and write down all the ingredients and amounts you will need.  Next make 2 columns and put down perishables on one side and non-perishables on the other.  Now keep a copy of the lists in your purse so when you go by the grocery store starting in July or August you can pick up a few items each visit.  This really helps spread the overall cost of baking out.  When you bring those items home place them in a special location or box marked “Christmas Baking” so you do not use them before you do your holiday baking!