Christmas Coaching Questions – Family Activity Interview

Krisann Blair, Christmas Coach
Christmas Organizing Founder

One of the challenges for this month is to talk to others in your family about the activities they enjoy doing during the holiday season.  While you have their attention this would also be a great time to interview them about other things that could help you when choosing gifts for that person or just to find out some interesting things about them.  Below you will find a form to use to help in your quest to find information out about others.  I am thinking of compiling a “booklet” for the family members to have – oh and do not forget to fill one out about yourself! 

Christmas Interview Questions 


What is your favorite holiday memory?_________________________________________ 


What is your favorite holiday activity?_________________________________________ 


What was your most memorable gift you received as a child?_______________________ 


What is your favorite color?__________________________________________________ 

What is your favorite cologne/perfume/scent?____________________________________ 

What type of hobbies do you participate in?______________________________________ 

Do you collect anything?____________________________________________________ 

Was there something you always wanted as a gift but never got?_____________________