Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Giving gifts to people, in my opinion, is truly a labor of love because most of us put thought into the gifts we buy and do not just head out to the store with no idea of what someone would like. Take time now to open your Christmas Notebook and turn to your gifting groups section. How are you doing on writing in gift ideas for people on your list? As you go through your list, if you have not had any ideas for a person, answer some simple questions about them, and maybe an idea will come to you for a gift:

What is their favorite color?

What activities do they like to do? Consider a related magazine subscription, gift card to a particular type of store (diving, crafts, cooking, etc.)  

Gifts of Christmas Past – items that bring back fond memories of childhood holidays (favorite food, fruit, and nuts, decoration, book, etc.)

Could they use some time off? Consider babysitting coupons, kitchen clean up coupon, movie tickets, etc.  Do they have a favorite food? Think of something that pertains to that food. For instance, if someone loves popcorn, maybe gourmet popcorn and special seasonings. 

Do you make a special type of food or baked goods that everyone loves?