Christmas Question: Do you buy gifts with a purpose?

Do you buy gifts with a purpose?

Krisann Blair, Christmas Coach
Christmas Organizing Founder

Do you just scurry through the stores to buy gifts – only to select generic gifts?  If so would you like to purchase gifts with a purpose, knowing the recipient will treasure your gift? 

Gift buying should not be about how much you spend or about purchasing a gift just for the sake of having a gift.  Keep a small gifting notebook in your purse and when you hear someone talk about something thy like, write it down.  This will help you select gifts that will let the recipient know you were thinking of them – like a plate of their favorite cookies, or a fun stocking filled with their favorite snacks.  One year I overheard someone on my list talk about how they never bought their favorite shampoo because of the price (about $12) and I made a note of that in my book.  Guess what her gift was that year? She really appreciated the special treat and it as something she wanted.