Christmas Shopping: Group Themes

Christmas Shopping Group Themes

Themes are a great way to shop for gifts throughout the year. Think about some theme gifts for your gift-giving this year. You could have one theme for everyone or do groups such as children, families, women, etc. What ideas for themes do you have?

In the past, coming up with gift ideas individually was often a hard task that I dreaded, so I took direction on something my mother used to do on a small scale and expanded its themed gifts. When I was growing, my mother would create laundry or picnic baskets full of food and household foods for my aunt and uncle at Christmas time using coupons throughout the entire year.

The first time I used a theme for gifts was the Christmas of 1999.  I gave everyone on my Christmas list items they could use if the Year 2000 left us in the dark (it did not) with things such as flashlights, no battery-powered games, cards, books to read, bottled water, canned tuna, etc. After that year, I continued to do themes for different groups on my gift list. When thinking about doing a theme for gifts, think broadly. The broader the theme, the more options you will have no matter what the price range and will cover many ages from young to old. The idea is not to give everyone the same gift but to give everyone the same type of gift based on a central theme.

Here are some ideas I have used in the past:

Warmth – this theme can be anything from homemade hot chocolate, scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, coats, blankets (handmade or store-bought), spicy salsa, a hot water bottle with a cover, etc. I am sure there are other great ideas too, but you get the idea.

Family Game Night – this idea can be anything from board games, gift certificates to go bowling, video games, card games, tickets to a sporting event, etc. To make it a little more, you could include dinner in or out, or at the venue if your budget allows.

Something Blue – or green or red or any other color you decide. This can open your possibilities up greatly while still keeping to a central theme. Remember – if you choose a color, also use this for your wrapping, and maybe even a tree to place the gifts under.

A town, city, state, or country – give gifts that relate to a certain area – where you are from, someplace you visited, etc.

Christmas Kitchen – give gifts that can be used in the kitchen during Christmas, including food, dishes, towels, etc.