Notebook Challenge: Combine Your Calendars

Combine Your Calendars

Do you have an online calendar for daily use?  Make sure you combine your written Christmas calendar from your Christmas Organizing Notebook with your online calendar so you can see the BIG picture. If you have the ability with your online calendar program, create a separate sub-calendar just for your Christmas planning and events.

If you have an online calendar that you already use as your daily calendar, consider inputting your Christmas calendar events into that calendar.  This will allow you to easily see the events you have going on during Christmas, including business, personal, and holiday related.   Consider creating a separate calendar in the program that you can combine if needed, but can also be a stand-alone calendar.  If your program allows you to categorize events/appointments with colors, like Outlook or Google, you can assign each person a color category, just as a printed calendar uses the colored pencils to help see who is doing what when at one glance.