Create a Master Gift List

Create A Master Gift List

Gift-giving can be a frustrating process if you do not keep a complete list of the people you would like to give gifts to during the Christmas season. Take a sheet of paper or use the Christmas Organizing form: Master Gift List and write down EVERYONE you want to give a gift to this year if money and time were not an issue.

How many times do you go shopping for Christmas gifts, trying to remember off the top of your head who you need to buy gifts for, only to return home and realize you forgot someone? The simple solution is to create a Master Gift List.  Use sheets of paper or the Christmas Organizing forms (available to Candy Cane Club members) to make your list and add your list to your Christmas notebook. Picture this scene: you are sitting in the living room on Christmas Eve, and everyone is preparing to settle in to begin opening gifts. The doorbell rings and one of the younger children happily runs to open the door to see who else will be joining in the celebration. As you look up, your smile turns to fright – you notice your cousin has just walked in with his girlfriend – the one person you forgot to add to your gift list when you were informed she would be attending the family gathering. This is exactly what happened to me one year and, had the celebration been at my house, I could have easily found a gift in my stash to give to her, but I was 12 hours from my house and had no recourse.