Create Savings Packets

Create Savings Packets

Christmas Saving Packets will be where you put your other ½ of savings each month.  The packets will keep this part of your money accessible to you throughout the year.  The packets are envelopes to place your money into and can be kept in your purse or your Christmas Organizing Notebook. 

To create your Christmas Savings Packets, you will need enough envelopes for at least the following categories:  Decorating, Gifts, Food, and General Christmas Fund. 

You can use any type of envelope you like – I use Christmas themed ones created by sealing a business-size envelope closed and then cutting off the top to create an opening.  Break the categories into just four envelopes allowing you to reduce bulk, or use multiple envelopes to break your budgeting down even further. 

Place the envelopes in the front pocket of your Christmas Organizing Notebook – just remember to get them out before you go shopping!  By placing money in these envelopes throughout the year, it gives you funds to purchase items during the year as you see them. 

On the outside of the envelopes label what money inside is for AND ONLY SPEND THAT MONEY ON THAT CATEGORY!  For instance, on the back of your Gift envelope, after looking at your budget sheet in your notebook, you would place $10 cash inside and then write $10 – Postage, allowing you to know that $10 is dedicated to postage.  When you go to buy the stamps, remove the money, buy the stamps and put the reciept in the envelope.

Creating, and using, your Christmas Savings Packets will help you on the road to a more organized Christmas helping you to spread your spending out over the entire year and not just in December.