Family Interviews

Family Interviews

Earlier, we listed out our favorite foods at Christmas, and now it is time to go and ask your family!  You might be surprised at what they tell you!   Use the Christmas planning page, Favorite Christmas Foods Interview, or a sheet of paper, to do a little detective work!   

Fill out one of the spots for each person in your family that will be spending time with you at Christmas, listing their three favorite Christmas foods. Making sure you have one or more of each person’s favorite foods during the holiday is a special gift you can give to them! 

You can do your interview in person, via text or on the phone or even via email.  The important part is to ask (and of course hope you get a response!)   

Refer back to your list as you are preparing for your Christmas celebrations. What I usually do with this information is to work the different favorite foods into our family Christmas celebrations.  For instance, my daughter loves homemade sausage balls. They are a favorite food by not only her but also other members of our family for Christmas day so, I will list it as a food to have on Christmas day.

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