Free and Low Cost Ideas for Christmas

Free and Low Cost Gift Ideas

Take a sheet of paper in your notebook and begin making a list of free and low-cost gift ideas.  If you find the ideas online, print out the idea, and place it in your notebook.  Here are a few ideas:

Make jelly when the fruit is in season, give your time as a gift, give a memory for a gift, etc.

Make jams and jellies for gifts during the “in season” of each fruit.  The fruit is cheaper, especially at a farmers market, and it also allows you to spread out your kitchen time. 

Give your time to someone as a gift.  Example:  Give babysitting coupons to the stay-at-home mom or a home-made dinner to a single person on your list. 

Give a memory for a gift.  Paint a large jar and decoupage a picture of you and the recipient onto the front.  Then, throughout the year, write on slips of paper memories you have about the person.  Wrap the jar and give this special one-of-a-kind gift to a special person in your life.

Look to nature in your yard (and friends who will let you come and “trim” their bushes) for free items to decorate with.  Pine branches, pine cones, holly, magnolias, and other natural elements you have for just a little work in the yard.