Make-Ahead Christmas Foods

Make-Ahead Christmas Foods

This challenge utilizes your Christmas food list you made in the last challenge.  Take your list of Christmas foods you plan to make and see what foods if any, you can make ahead.  For some items, you may not be able to make the entire thing ahead, but may be able to make-ahead parts of the item. 

Use the Christmas planning page, Make-Ahead Christmas Foods, or a sheet of paper and write out items you can make-ahead either in whole or part.  Keep this list with your food list as we will refer back to it in upcoming tasks.

Examples that I do include:

Fudge – I make this a month in advance, keeping it in the fridge in airtight containers or tins.
Apple cake – I make this about two months ahead of time and freeze.  I make it in small bunt or paper pans for individual gifts.  I will make larger ones to serve at our Christmas eve buffet.  I let the cakes cool, then wrap as I would for the gift and place them in freezer bags.
Spice Tea Mix – I make this up 2-3 months in advance and store in airtight glass jars until I am ready to package for gifts or to serve.
Chex Mix – I make this up two weeks ahead of time in my roasting oven and make double batches while I am cooking other items in the kitchen.  I then put it in plastic storage bags and label it for different events or activities I plan to serve the Chex mix.

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