Planning Your Crafts

Planning Your Crafts

No matter if you want to start a new craft you found on Pinterest this year, or finish craft projects you started last year but just did not get finished, you need to fill out a Craft Project Form. The purpose of this form is to help you understand the full scope of each craft project you want to make. 

Many times we think of crafts being quick and easy and less expensive, but sometimes there is nothing further from the truth!

For each project you want to make as a gift, I encourage you to make ONE first and record how long it took you to complete and what the total cost to make one would be. By knowing how much time you will need to create one item, you can evaluate if you have enough time left to complete 20 or only 5, allowing you to assign the craft as a gift accordingly. 

Knowing the cost of making one will give you a good estimate of the highest amount it will cost to make each item, realizing that some costs may go down with the more you make because of being able to buy in larger quantities.

Next, you need to list out the supplies you will need for each project – making a notation of any supplies you already have on hand. If the directions are simple, write them on the project sheet. If your idea came from a web site, print out the information or tear out the pages from your magazine. Place your Craft Project Sheet and the printed information in a page protector, and place in your Christmas Notebook. If your idea comes from a craft book, in the directions section, write the name of the book, the name of the project and the page number where it can be found, allowing you to easily find the directions when you are ready to begin working.

The last thing you need to record on your sheet is the date you need to have the project completed. Plan to have all of one type of craft completed at the same time, using the earliest date needed as your completion date.