Notebook Challenge: Print/Buy a Calendar

Print or Buy a Calendar

Preparing a Christmas Calendar may seem like a basic thing to do, but it is a very important step in your Christmas planning.  Even if Christmas is still months away, you need to start thinking about your holiday calendar now because it is an important way of reducing holiday stress.  Your calendar will serve as your road map for the upcoming season.

There are many online and software programs available to print out customized calendars, and I highly suggest using one.  Using a computer-based calendar will allow you to input reoccurring things like your sister’s birthday (and some programs can even tell you how old she will be that year!) as well as when lay-a-way payments are due and when the kids get out for the holiday break.  Calendars with personalized dates on them also make great gifts that everyone loves!  Even though I love the computer calendars that I can print out, whatever type of calendar you have will work as long as there is space to add your events.