Schedule Your Gift Wrapping

Schedule Your Gift Wrapping

Making time for wrapping your gifts is an important step in your Christmas planning.  Let’s pull out our calendars and schedule wrapping time.

If you are mailing gifts, make sure you set aside a time to wrap each gift before you need to mail the package.  On your calendar, you should have a date for mailing packages out, and you can use that date as a guide for selecting your wrapping date. 

If you are taking gifts to a family gathering, mark a wrapping day before the event, so you are not wrapping gifts in the car on the way – been there done that!

One tip is to schedule time once a month or even once a week to sit down and wrap all the gifts you have purchased.  This will keep you from having to do a marathon wrapping day closer to Christmas.  Oh, and don’t forget to ask the family to help wrap the gifts, create a wrapping party once a month or so and bring out the Christmas music and some favorite Christmas foods.

Photo by Jealous Weekends on Unsplash