Too Many Gifts!

Too Many Gifts!

Too many gifts in your gift closet will add to your frustration level during the holiday season if they are not organized and easily accessible. Now, this will most likely not be a problem for those of you just starting with a gift closet, but veterans of this concept most likely are nodding their heads, acknowledging this as a problem.

Personally, with a large number of items in my gift closet, this became a nightmare for me at one point because I kept losing items, especially smaller ones. Having the Gift Box Inventory cards helps you to know what is in your closet without digging through it, but you still need to find the gift you know is in there when you need it! A simple solution as you start acquiring more gifts is to divide the gifts up into some type of containers within the closet.

There are two ways to accomplish dividing your gifts up – one for assigned gifts and one for unassigned gifts. For designated gifts, begin by dividing the gifts up into your gifting groups, allowing you to keep gifts together for everyone in that group. If you are mailing gifts to a gifting group, find a box that you can use for shipping as a “holding” place in your gift closet for all the gifts that will be shipped to one location. Dividing up your assigned gifts by gifting groups will allow you to easily locate the gifts for wrapping, shipping, and giving, saving time and frustration.

Unassigned gifts are a different type of problem, mostly because this includes gifts that are too good to pass up, and we purchase them knowing we will find a perfect recipient at a later date. If you have a large number of unassigned items, it will be harder to find just the thing you need when you need it. Therefore it is essential to organize. To avoid the frustration with “I know I have something, where is it?” simply divide up your items based on the type item it is and put all like things in a container together. I have divided up my unassigned gifts like this: women’s gifts, men’s gifts, children’s gifts, teenage gifts, baby gifts, jewelry, candles, kitchen items, Christmas, etc. and this allows me to find needed gifts easily.

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