Cards as Gifts

Cards as Gifts

For many people, sending Christmas cards is their way of sending a small gift to their friends and family. With a little planning, you can send the one card to everyone that becomes his or her favorite card – you know the one that everyone raves over above all the rest!   Will you be making your cards or including a small gift or just looking for that one special store bought card?

Rubberstamping is one of the easiest ways to make pretty hand-made cards and can be rather inexpensive to make after you buy the stamps. Look for companies that sell stamps in sets to make your job easier. Also, you can make hand-made cards that will double as an ornament. By your card doubling as an ornament, it allows your card to be cherished year after year and adds that extra special touch.

Another idea is to use the coloring book feature on some print software or buy coloring cards. Let your children color the cards in with colored pencils, and either use them as your card or make them into ornaments. This would involve the entire family and make them that much more special.  Be creative!

You will find envelopes of various sizes at any office supply or craft store for your hand-made cards. If you decide to make your cards, make one up now to see how hard they are and which supplies you will need. Another idea is to use your Christmas card as the packaging to send a small gift. A pretty bookmark, a gift card, a Christmas ornament, a key chain, or another small flat object can turn an ordinary card into a wonderful gift.

If you are purchasing your cards, be on the lookout for that one special card that speaks to you and touches your heart.  Cards that you connect with is like sending a little piece of yourself, and you will normally know it is the right card when you see it!