Family Signing Night

Family Signing Night

Dread signing your Christmas cards?  Have a family signing night!

Signing cards can be a long task and cause writer’s cramps if you are the only person in your family signing everyone’s name to your Christmas cards.

A solution to this is to create a family signing night for your Christmas cards. Select a night well in advance of your mailing date where everyone is home, and plan a fun night. Maybe put on a favorite Christmas movie, music, or just around the dinner table.

Have pens of all different colors set out, asking each person to choose one color to sign their name.  If you are not sitting at a hard surface, pass out books or clipboards to everyone to have a good surface to sign on.

Now let the signing begin! Pass the cards around to each person throughout the event, having them sign their name to the card. If you really want to involve them, you can ask them to help address the cards too – divide up your Christmas Contact cards evenly.

Having the family sign their names to your Christmas cards not only shows each member took time to sign the card, but it also helps turn a large task into a fun Christmas activity for the whole family.