Christmas Card List

Christmas Card List

Challenge:  Make a list of all the people you would like to send Christmas cards to this Christmas and then classify each one.

Mailing Christmas cards is always the one thing that I tend not to do if I start running out of time during the holiday season. The main reason is because of how much prep work goes into sending the cards out.  This puts a damper on my Christmas season because I love to receive cards, and I know others also do, and I realized the first step is making a list. With this knowledge, I came up with a system to make sure I prioritize my Christmas card list.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of everyone you would love to send a card to using the Christmas Card List form or on a sheet of paper.  On this list include your roommate from college, sorority sisters, high school friends, etc. – you know, all those people who you meant to keep in touch with throughout the year! Next, give each person a classification according to the following classifications:

A = must send a Christmas card

B = want to give a Christmas card (non-mailing cards)

C = want to send a Christmas card (cards to mail)

D = will send a Christmas card if I can

Make a few copies of your Christmas Card List form and rework your list according to the classifications you gave people so that all your people with A’s are together, etc. Make sure to mark whether you have the address for each person on your list. Using this method may not get all your cards out on time, but it will help you identify (if you are limited on time) who you feel you HAVE to send a card to this Christmas. While I am still not getting through my D list, each year I get closer!

Here is an example of the type of people I put in each category:

A – this category includes people who sent me a card over the last few years and people that I want to connect with yearly that I DO NOT send gifts to at Christmas.  This usually is distant family.

B – this category includes friends, co-workers, church members, etc.  Most of this category are cards that I hand deliver.

C – this category includes people who live away from me, and I will be mailing cards to them.

D – this category is for people I want to send cards to that I also give gifts to at Christmas.  Why are they last?  Because they get gifts, and my time and energy goes into their gifts first and cards second.