Christmas Events Challenge

Christmas Events Challenge

Just like activities, events play an essential role in celebrating the Christmas season because they allow us to actively participate in events that bring out the true meaning of Christmas for us.  Remember, for our planning purposes, events are things you do or attend away from home.

Challenge # 1 – Christmas Events of the Past

What events did you enjoy in the past at Christmas time?  Make a list to refer back to later.  Do you still attend any of these events?  If no, mark ones you would like to incorporate into the upcoming Christmas season.

Challenge # 2 – Must-Do Christmas Events

Think about what events are a must-do each Christmas for you and your family.  Do you always go to a family dinner? What about office or club parties? Does your best friend hold a cookie exchange each year? Christmas eve or other church services?  Make a list of the events.  Some events that are a must-do for our family include Christmas Eve service, going to see Christmas lights, going to the Nutcracker, and helping with the Live Nativity at church as well as various parties.

Challenge # 3 – Make an Event Wish List

Make a wish list of the events you want to do this Christmas season.  Remember, you will not be able to do everything, but by listing it all out, you can prioritize what is most important this season.  Use the Christmas Event Wish List form to write down events you want to attend.

Challenge # 4 – Interview Your Family

Before making your final decision on events, ask your family what events they like to attend at Christmas.  Use the Christmas Organizing planning page for activity and event interviews or a sheet of paper.  Ask your family members their top 3 events they would like to attend at Christmas.  This will help you to find events the whole family enjoys doing together.

Challenge # 5 – Event Planning

Using your list of events you plan to attend during the Christmas season this year, fill out an event planning page (or use a sheet of paper) for each one.  This will help you not forget the little details for each event.

Make sure to include information such as:  

  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Time 
  • Location 
  • Deadlines for purchasing tickets or to RSVP
  • Type of event,
  • Cost for the event
  • Do you need to bring anything such as a gift, food, etc?  
  • Do you need a hostess gift?

Be sure to call and ask about tickets and hours in case they have changed from previous years.

Challenge # 6– Hostess Gift Ideas

If you are attending an event at someone’s house, remember to take a hostess gift.  This does not have to be a large gift, but it is a nice gesture to say thank you for inviting me.  Please make a list of hostess gift ideas and keep them in your Christmas notebook for future reference.

Challenge # 7  – Mark Your Calendar

Once you know what you are going to be doing, go to your calendar and fill in dates and times, and don’t forget to share the information with your family so they can plan to be there!!