Entertaining at Christmas Challenge

Entertaining At Christmas

Entertaining during Christmas can take on many forms.  Invitations to parties, parties you host, family holiday get-togethers, etc.  We might not consider many things we do entertaining, but, for our planning purposes, any event you are hosting at your home with more than 5-10 people we will classify as “entertaining.”

Challenge # 1 – Make Your Party List

Use the Christmas planning page, Party Gathering List, to make a list of any entertaining activities you will host at your home.  These are not limited to formal parties only – including informal get-togethers (with more than 5-10 people) with close friends and family. The more we have written down, the less we will forget.

Challenge # 2 – Christmas Party Planning

Use the Party Planning planning page to write down all the details for each activity you will be having at your home.

Challenge # 3 – Create Your Guest Lists

Once you have all the details written out, decide on your guest list, and use the Party Guest List form to create your guest list and track RSVPs.

Challenge # 4 – Christmas Party Food

After you have your guest list, it is time to use the Christmas Party Food form to do a menu plan for the activity.

Challenge # 5 – Party Favors

Do you want to give your guests a party favor?  If so, list some ideas of what you might like to provide for each party you plan on hosting.

Challenge # 6 – “Needed Items” List

The final list to make out is a needed items list.  Utilize the form Party/Entertaining “Need Items” to create a list of items you either need to locate, purchase, or borrow for the party and things that you can ask others to bring if they ask if there is anything they can bring.