Classify Your Gift List

Classify Gift Recipients

It is important when working on selecting and buying gifts to keep your gifting priorities in order. There is nothing as frustrating as thinking you have completed gift-giving tasks only to discover that while you purchased and wrapped a gift for your paperboy, you forgot to get your mother-in-law a gift! There is an easy solution to this – by classifying each person on your gift list under the classification column on each of your gifting group sheets.

The classification system works like this: A=Must give a gift, B=Want to give a gift, C= Will give a gift if possible. Now, if you want to create a different type, maybe with more classifications, color-coded, etc. please do – this is YOUR Christmas Organizing Notebook, and it needs to be tweaked to fit your needs; my system is only a suggestion based on how I do this task. By classifying each person on your list, it allows you to visually see who you need to purchase a gift for first, as time and money allows. If you have complete groups that fit into one particular classification, you can just mark that classification at the top of the sheet instead of listing each person.

By classifying your gift list, it may seem like you are putting some people in front of others at Christmas. The truth is, you are – but in a good way. Think of it this way – by using a classification system, and it encourages you to buy and prepare gifts in a particular order, helping to save a lot of frustration. Now take time to look over your gifting groups again and assign a classification system to each person. Then, as you work on your gift list, concentrate on your gift recipients by their classifications. To help your organization, even more, you may want to assemble your gifting groups by classification in your Christmas Organizing Notebook to complete one classification group at a time

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