Too Many People, Not Enough Time or Money

Too Many People Not Enough Money

Now that you have all your gift recipients divided up into gifting groups, the realization of the number of people you have to buy for is possibly set in.  This can lead to an overwhelming feeling, but there are some simple ways to bridge the “too many people, not enough time or money” problem.  The easiest way is to consider family gifts.

Gifting themes is something that I love to create each year and assign to different groups that I am giving gifts to at Christmas (more on this technique in a later section).  One year it was “family gifts.”  How this worked was I looked at all the people on my gift list or in a gifting group who lived under the same roof and came up with ONE gift that the entire family could enjoy.  You can do this concept no matter what your budget is for each family.  Below is a list of some ideas for family gifts:

Games – if the family consists of younger children and adults, there are many multi-age games on the market that have adult and children questions in the same game.

Food – consider giving a food basket of favorite baked goods, store-bought favorites, a gift certificate to their favorite family restaurant, or maybe even take them dinner one night during the holiday season.

A membership for the year to a local pool, science or children’s museum, playhouse, etc. that they enjoy doing as a family.

Movie night in – a gift card to a local movie rental store, together with each person’s favorite candy, popcorn, and drinks for everyone.

Movie night out – gift certificates to the local movie theater, including popcorn if possible

Digital photo frame – family members can each add their favorite pictures that are then on display.

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