Organizing Your Gifting Groups Together

Organizing Gifting Groups

After completing your Gifting Groups, now it is time to take a closer look to see if you can streamline the names further. Before, we discussed breaking groups into families or places that you send or take gifts too. But what about if you have several people that don’t fit into any traditional groupings? Now is a time to look at groups based on gifts.

This type of grouping is particularly helpful for those who are further down the priority classification, and the gift is something smaller that is easier to give to multiple people. For example, I make about four dozen jars of Raspberry Pepper Jelly each year for gift-giving, many going to individual friends I know around town. For this gift grouping, the name of the group is “Raspberry Pepper Jelly” at the top, and then I list everyone I am giving the gift to at Christmas. This simple idea can apply to any gift idea that you are doing where you are making or buying a multiple of one item. Be creative in streamlining your gifting groups; take the individuals you have and find common ground to place them into a gifting group.