Gifts Everywhere!

Gifts Everywhere!

Have you ever looked under the bed, in the closets, in your car, anywhere you can think of to find that gift you know you purchased months ago because it was the perfect Christmas gift for your best friend?  The solution is to create, organize, and utilize a gift storage area.

Lost Christmas gifts are a genuine problem for many people who purchase gifts throughout the year if there is not a single collection point to place the gifts when they are purchased.

Think about your routine when you purchase gifts and bring them home. If you just drop the bags at the first flat surface you come to, then you need to create a “Gift Collection” area in your home.

Depending on the number of gifts you buy early, you can use a box, a shelf, a closet, a plastic container, or a whole room to make the depository for your purchased gifts, all the while keeping in mind if any of your gifts need to be out of sight from peeking eyes.

Now is the time to walk through your house and locate an area to serve as your gift collection area, and end the hunt for lost gifts during the Christmas season.