Organizing Your Gift Storage Area

Organizing Your Gift Storage Area

Once you have located an area to collect your purchases in, it is time to organize and account for the gifts you have purchased.

Over the years, I have tried various ways to keep a record of all the gifts that I have purchased and have settled on two methods, the list and the card method. Read about both methods below and select the one which will work best for you.

If you want to keep all your information in your Christmas planning notebook, using the Gift Box Inventory form is the way to go. I have created two forms, one for a general listing of items you have purchased but not assigned.  The other form is for gifts you buy and have assigned.  Use this form to record the information about each gift you have purchased.  Include the following information: item name, recipient, occasion (in case it is not for Christmas), and the type of wrapping you plan to use.  This list should be added to as you continue to buy gifts throughout the year and place them in your gift closet. The downside to using the list method is that you can’t move items around on your list as quickly as you can with the card system, but works well if you purchase gifts for specific people.

If you tend to buy gifts to give without an assigned person at the time, or if you want to know more information about your purchases, using Gift Box Inventory Cards has proven to be the easiest way for me to keep a record of gift purchases. The cards have a place to record who the gift is for, original cost, the price paid, the occasion given, the date given, etc., allowing you to keep a more detailed record of gifts. By using the cards, you can use a file box to keep them in, allowing you to have sections for assigned gifts and unassigned gifts, and also allowing you to view the contents of your gift closet without getting everything out.

In my gift closet, I currently have a wide range of items to give as gifts, and the only way to keep track of everything is with a card system. The more complex your gift closet, organization is even more critical, not only because of time but also for your sanity to know what you have available to use for gifts at all times, for any occasion.

Photo by Bynder on Unsplash

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