Gathering All Your Gifts

Gathering All Your Gifts

Now that you have decided where to put your gifts and how to record them, it is time to find all the gifts you already have around your house.

Walk around your home and gather up all your gifts and take them to a central location. How long this task will take will depend on how many gifts you have collected over the years. The easiest way to do this is just, as you come across gifts in your house, immediately take them to your gift closet.

If you already have small collections of gifts throughout your house, walk around with a laundry basket or box, gather all the items together, and place them into your gift closet together. If, like me, you already have a gift closet containing many items, take time now to organize your gifts into sections such as kids, Christmas, women, men, teenagers, or any system that works for your gifts.

Mark a time on your calendar to work on your gift closet, whether it is marking time to gather your gifts or to organize the gifts you already have. Taking time out now to accomplish this task can save you hours during the Christmas season.

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