Reducing Crafting Costs

Reducing Crafting Costs

When it comes to crafts, there are many different kinds. Those who craft are normally glad to share with other crafters, and this can help you reduce your crafting costs greatly. Look through your planned craft projects and see if there are items that others might have.  Put the word out about what you are looking for – family and friends are often your best source for many items. Here are a few suggestions:

Cookie Mixes in a Jar – ask friends and family if they have quart size jars or any kind of larger glass jars they are not using. You might be surprised what some people have in the back of their cabinets just waiting for the right new home. A quick run through the dishwasher shines the jars right up.  Also, look for jars at yard sales – all you need to do is purchase new lids and rings, and you are ready to craft. This can save you around $1 a jar.  

Crafts needing natural materials – ask for pinecones, pine needles, holly, evergreen, cotton, fruits, nuts, etc. that family and friends have in their yards. Another great craft idea using natural materials, if started early in the year, is to propagate plants such as violets, Christmas Cactus, etc. and give in pretty pots at Christmas, using cuttings from your plants or plants of family and friends. 

Rubberstamping – if you want to rubber stamp a few things, ask friends to borrow their stamps, but you supply the inks. When borrowing the stamps, ask how the person prefers to have their stamps cleaned and stored, and be respectful of this.

Material or Yarn – send out an SOS to everyone for material scraps or pieces they no longer need (or want) or odd skeins of yarn they may have. Be specific if you need a certain type of material or yarn.

Don’t forget to help others also!  Round up all the craft items you no longer need and offer them to other crafting friends.