To Shop or Not for Crafting Supplies

To Shop or Not for Crafting Supplies

Using your Craft Project form, look at the items you will need for each project.  Make a check mark next to each item you in your supply list that you already have.  Begin making a shopping list based on the items you still need to purchas but keep each project list separate.

One way to save money with crafting as gifts is to not purchase all your project supplies for every project at one time. Why? Because if you take one project at a time, purchase all the needed supplies, and then complete the project, then do the same for your next project, you will not have extra supplies sitting around already purchased if you do not get one of your projects.

Also, an advantage of shopping at different times is that many craft stores put different types of crafts on sale different weeks, so while yarn may be on sale this week, scrapbooking supplies may be a sale on next week, saving you both weeks.

One more thing to keep in mind for shopping is that if you need a more expensive large item, many craft stores put out 40% or 50% off one item coupons – this is a great way to save!

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